10 best healthcare apps for your tablet:

As we’ve mentioned previously, tablets and digital screens are making their way into hospitals, doctors offices and especially into the hands of medical students. With the chaotic lives that healthcare professionals lead, it is essential that their iPad’s carry everything they could possibly need. With these apps, a diagnosis or prescription could be at the tip of your fingers. 

1. Skeletal System Pro II

This $2.99 app helps you learn the ins and outs of the human body in 3D and with 360 views from the screen of your tablet.

2. Medscape

Produced by WebMD, Medscape offers a clinical reference section, educational services and prescription guidelines.

3. MicroMedex

This app is a prescription drug reference tool with an endless amount of information and sections on toxicology and clinical teachings as well.


Designed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the app was designed to help physicians and identify, counsel and prevent medical problems within their patients.

5. iBooks

By now most people are familiar with iBooks, but what most doctors, medical students and patients may not realize is that iBooks actually has a range of medical books that may erase the need for regular textbooks.

6. Care360 Mobile

Available for iPhone/Pad, Android and Blackberry, Care360 allows you to make prescription requests and view clinical notes inside or out of the comfort of your office.

7. Walgreens for iPad

The Walgreens app for iPad lets you use your camera to order prescription refills. Upload it and pick it up within the hour at a store nearest you.

8. Muscle trigger point

Perfect for chiropractors or massage therapists, the app lets you find the trigger points of over 70 muscles to help find the source of muscle pain or tension.

9. Visual DX

Visual DX is free when accessed from the companies web page and can help doctors easily identify infections, growths and other diseases or conditions by scanning over 25,000 visual images.

10. Papers

Papers is an app for Mac as well as your mobile and tablet that helps you share and read your library of research. Find and scan PDF’s from your home, office or even on the go.


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Tablet Claw (Idea Harvest, LLC)  


The 10 Best Apps Your Tablet Needs for Business:

Mobile business and coworking are on the rise and with all that travel it’s essential you have tools to help you get your work done from out of the home or office. These apps for your iPad/Tablet will help make working fun, simple and stress free from any locale.

1. GoToMeeting

Never miss a meeting again while you’re traveling. GoToMeeting allows you to attend and create meetings while also participating by viewing presentations and reports shared onscreen. Communicate from anywhere with HD video conferencing through GoToMeeting.


2. Pages

Create, edit and view documents with this app as well as export them as PDF files and email documents. It is the Microsoft word for Macs and is brilliantly redesigned for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


3. Dropbox

This app lets you share documents, pictures and even videos easily and from anywhere. Anything saved in your Dropbox can be accessed from you iPhone, any of your computers and tablets and even the web site.


4. PrintCentral

For those times when you need a printer STAT but are out of your home/office, PrintCentral lets you print from your iPad (or even Mac and PC) to most WiFi printers through 3 and 4G.


5. Priority Matrix

Everyone has at some point had issues with their time management skills. Priority Matrix is an app that will help get you back on track using proven methods to increase productivity. It lets you set and track your priorities by telling you what you need to work on today and even that week.


6. iThoughtsHD

Organize your thoughts and ideas with this “mind mapping” app. Set goals, brainstorm, take notes in meetings and export them into Power Point and even Word docs.  


7. OmniGraffle

Create a diagram, graph those numbers, produce a page layout, all with the help of the simple and speedy OmniGraffle.


8. Numbers

Get a thrill from spreadsheets? Numbers is your personal heaven. It is the application made for Mac reinvented for your tablet or iPhone. Create colorful and eye-popping spreadsheets in a flash.


9. Idea Boards

With four different kinds of writing boards (Whiteboard, Chalkboard, Graph Paper and Legal Paper), Idea Boards is the app that lets you put down your ideas in a unique way.


10. Power Presenter

The best app for presenting and powerpoints is Power Presenter. Save the file as a PDF and the app will detect the nearest projector and send the signal through a VGA cable. It is the easiest and fastest way to showcase your presentation.



Tally McCormack

Tablet Claw (Idea Harvest, LLC)

Life Out of the Box

It always seems impossible until its done. Nelson Mandela

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
-Nelson Mandela

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iPad, Marketing’s Best Friend

We’ve seen iPad and tablet use transition seamlessly into business but how can you utilize the trendy technology for marketing trade shows and workshops? Specific iPad apps have already been designed to make event marketing even easier than it already is, but you’d be surprised how well they can lend a hand.


Using iPads for event marketing is not only easier and more efficient, but they’re also flashier and a great conversation starter. People will be drawn to your booth and more likely to ask questions and be curious about your product. This is when you can use the tablet to your advantage. Register attendees quickly as they come up to your booth, sign them up to receive emails from you, show them videos and display data on the flawlessly clear screen and the best part? Snap pictures of people enjoying themselves and integrating the tablet into your product marketing and upload directly to Facebook and Twitter. Don’t worry about that pesky paper and pencil survey either, have them take an online survey on the iPad once they’re finished. Sure you could do all these things without the help of an iPad, but why not let the fast and vast capabilities aid your marketing?

There is another product that could make event marketing with your tablet that much easier. The best iPad and tablet holder for your precious cargo is the Tablet Claw. The hands free iPad stand and cover makes presenting effortless and the no slip ringlet let’s you showcase to your audience fearlessly. Don’t let your iPad marketing experience end in peril. Let the Tablet Claw be your safety net.

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iPads Use in Restaurants on the Rise

Recently I ventured into a new Austin restaurant, Lucky Robot, whose unique iPad ordering system caught my eye. iPads at every table allowed the customers to place their meal and drink orders whenever they were ready and page a waitress for any questions. This trend seems to be on the rise, and putting the iPad into the hands of your customers is a playful idea that could also lead to increased business.

With the amount of apps available for the hospitality industry and the growing number of restaurants creating their own menu apps, the possibilities of iPad use in restaurants are endless. Waiters and waitresses can now take orders, send them to the kitchen, check seating charts and swipe credit cards all on their tablets. This process is helping food get to customers quickly and all that time the wait staff spent running to the kitchen and hostess stand can now be spent on refilling drinks and chatting up their tables.

tablet claw

However, in the hustle and bustle of running back and forth to their tables, what is keeping these tablets safe from a dangerous drop? The best hands-free iPad case and tablet holder for the job is Tablet Claw. The no-slip ringlet will keep one hand completely free and make sure your tablet doesn’t see a death by drop, and the kickstand will make showcasing food from your online menu effortless and simple for both you and the customer. The Tablet Claw will help keep your wait staff efficient and worry free with their new technology.


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Coworking and the Mobile Work Force: Brought to you by Idea Harvest.

Idea Harvest

The beauty of modern advancements in technology is the ability to change the way we work. Coworking is not just for freelance creatives anymore. Businesses now have the ability to go mobile and no longer have to be confined to a 9 to 5 work schedule in a stuffy office.


As we’ve said previously, at Idea Harvest we want our employees to be able to love their job and be productive from wherever they call home and coworking makes that possible. Whether it be from your own living room, a Starbucks down the block or a designated coworking space like Secret Clubhouse, getting down to business on your own time is becoming increasingly more popular.

The main advantages of coworking are in the numbers and the success businesses have seen come from it. It allows you to work at your own pace as well as get valuable opinions from people…

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Bruce Marchiafava

Bruce Marchiafava has been in the education industry for over 40 years. He has held many administrative positions in education including Coordinator of Planning and Analysis, Deputy Director to Office of Communications, and Director of School Research and Evaluation, to name a few. He has also been recognized for various accomplishments including:

  • Primary author of CPS Five-Year Plan, 1985
  • Author of CPS’ first Minority/Women’s Business Affirmative Action Plan
  • Primary author of Superintendent’s Three-Tier Plan for Reform, 1995
  • Assisted in the implementation of all aspects of the 1989 school reform act
  • Designed and implemented the first Local School Council elections
  • Initiated creation of the Consortium on Chicago School Research; served on the board for three years